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Putting the FUN into fundraising!

Recognising the fact that many golf days in South Africa are fundraising initiatives and that many corporate golf days have a fundraising angle to them, I have created a number of fundraising aspects to assist with making further profits for the beneficiaries, accommodating my fee and generally adding some fun and excitement to the events.

Here are some aspects and ideas:

Putting Competition
With my current sponsorship arrangement with Mizuno, I can provide a top-of-the-range putter to award as a prize for a putting competition.
I can arrange this for you, but will need the assistance of 1 person for around 2 hours.


Michael Scholz performing some FUNdraising antics on the course.

The golfers are challenged (with a wager) to ‘beat’ my shot to the respective hole, with my ‘trick shot’ aspect (such as hitting the ball off a skateboard, backwards, off my knees etc) being incorporated to create ‘odds’ on the wagers.

The Giant Catapult

This is a novel new aspect that raises significant funds and offers the golfers a massively fun and entertaining on-course activity that does not hold up play.
To best raise money for the charity, each golfer must pay R 100 to use the catapult (if they choose not to, their score on the hole doesn’t count) and will shoot their own ball at the green.
The catapult will be managed (personnel provided) and set up for the distance of a featured par-3 (ideally 16th hole).
It is extremely accurate and offers the golfer a better result than if he/she actually hits a shot.
Also, they just can’t resist having a shot with the giant cattie.

Auctions at Fundraising Events
I have an arrangement with a leading golf auction business that provides me with 6 memorabilia items and 2 lodge getaways (1 lodge getaway (valued at R 4000 – R 6000 is yours to decide how to use and all the proceeds are yours to keep).
With low reserve prices and a wide selection for you to choose from, the auctions will contribute substantially to the fundraising efforts of your event.

I arrange this through a certified service provider, whereby they arrange for the insurance underwriting of a vehicle/cash value of your choice at 3,5% plus a negligible administration/management fee (special rate to my clients).

The golfers get to experience what the professionals experience in big Tour events with a car on the line for a hole-in-one.

It is easy to structure sponsorship deals with this aspect with motor dealerships as they get to showcase their vehicles, as well as having the vehicle purchased from them if an ace is achieved.

Alternately, if a cash prize is put up and someone actually "holes out", the amount can be spilt 50/50 between the charity and the clever golfer.

2 cars were won by this process in 2014!


Further Suggestions for Fundraising
Herewith a few additional ideas with regards to raising further funds (some of which you might already be including):

A Rand per Shot
I like this one! Upon concluding the prize-giving, I make a suggestion to the guests that they should each contribute R1 per shot that they hit during their round. The money is handed over with great pride and commiseration and the banter around the room is great with fellow fourball members insisting that their counterparts “cough up”!

Sell my Trick Shot Show
As part of the sponsorship opportunities that you make available to companies to consider, it is advisable to sell the branding and the title ownership of the trick shot show to a sponsor. As part of my Master of Ceremonies service, I can also guarantee to include a punt for them.
The rate is for you to decide and can cover part or the entire cost of my fee.

Always a winner when raising funds. A substantial booze hamper or other industry related desirables are suggested.

American Auction
A popular way to raise a final amount of money for the evening function is to stage an American Auction for a bouquet of flowers (to appease the spouse when the golfer arrives home late and possibly a little tipsy).
An American Auction allows anyone to bid for a nominal amount (suggested R10 or R20) with an allocated time (known only to a person with the stopwatch) being structured for the auction.
The last person to bid when the allocated time gets the bouquet.

It is easy to find reasons to fine golfers for their indiscretions on the golf course. With the golfers understanding that the event is a fundraiser, to be able to snatch a few extra Rands from the guys in a ‘peer group’ environment.

Offering each fourball the option to purchase Mulligans or “redo’s” is a great fundraising medium.
There should be a maximum number of Mulligans that can be purchased.

Table Challenge
Upon conclusion of the prize-giving aspect of the event, it is easy fundraising if one table (your organisation can start the ball rolling) collecting money from each person seated at the table and coming up with a ‘table challenge’ whereby they challenge other tables to better or match the amount.
The high rollers always show themselves, especially towards the end of the evening after the beers have been flowing.

I trust that these guidelines assist you with your fundraising. If you require any assistance, feel free to contact me to advise you on the best way to maximise the profits for your charity.