Everyone wants to host the best golf day ever, everytime!

So, last year you did this, that and the other so now you have run out of ideas to make your upcoming event BIGGER, BETTER and even more memorable than the last one.

Fear not as there is always something new to do and create in the golf event industry and I've seen it, done it and am creating it as is needed.

Having been involved in the golf event industry since 1996, as well as having been in various golf related businesses since that time, ideas are what I pride myself in conceiving...

GOLF ON THE BRAIN!  It's what I do and have done from most of my life.

No, I'm not a Jack of all trades.  I just have the best available network of reliable and efficient service providers and suppliers who provide the best services and products available ... at the best rates.

Golf ball shooting catapults, dunk tanks, shoot-outs, hole-in-one's for luxury vehicles, night golf shootouts, mystery golf trips, novel formats, golf art canvasses ... You name it, I've done it!

So, for the best advice, innovative ideas and assistance with anything golf ... even if you're planning a golf trip to the moon, I'm your man!

Oh .... and all of this advice, I throw in a part and parcel with my services when you employ me for my services as golf day entertainer.