My Swing

When I was playing full-time in the 90's, my golf and practice was all I did from the early hours of the day until they switched off the floodlights that glorified the putting green at The Wanderers Golf Club.

Nowadays, I find myself tossing up a full bouquet of activities that steal the hours of my day and don't allow me to spend the quality time that I used to developing and honing my golfing skills, so I find myself on a quest ....

A quest to make my swing easily repeatable with the least amount of effort.

This sounds easy, so here I go!

I have selected South Africa's foremost and most sought after golf coach, John Dickson to achieve this goal and will post updates as I stumble and climb my way to my perfect swing.

Lesson 1 - 8 May 2015

For 30-odd years I have been naïve!  I had absolutely no idea how poor my stance and posture were.  Note, I say were, as after 1 45 minute session, John has got me standing more efficiently to the ball.

My legs were too bent which led to all kinds of issues throughout my swing.

Luckily the solution to this problem remedies a whole lot of other flaws, so my first objective is to sort this aspect out.

All else will follow.

To view the video swing analysis from my first session, CLICK HERE.