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Trick Shot Show Overview

Well, here's your answer: Let Michael Scholz, the 40 Year-Old Rookie entertain your golfing guests with some dazzling trick shots, superb comedy and some golfing fun!

As one of South Africa's foremost golf day entertainers, I have performed at hundreds of golf days over the past few years, my trick shot shows are designed to amaze golfing guests and provide some of the finest golf related comedy available.

For 2020, there are  a number of show variations to choose from:

The show includes an ever evolving line-up hosted by a number of characters and impersonations.  Along with this, your guests will be treated to some of the most mind-boggling trick shots imaginable!  For a little taste of the magic, CLICK HERE!!!!!.
The show is best at 45 minutes, but can be lengthened or shortened according to the requirement.

This option includes the facilitation of Master-of-Ceremonies, guest speaker and fundraising if required.


2) FUN = MD²


Along with my former SuperGolf (Golf 101 with Dave & Mike) compatriot Dave Usendorff and Comedy Central funnyman Dave Levinsohn, we have concocted the "BEST EVER" golf entertainment offering in Fun=MD².

This option has a bouquet of absolutely everything fun in golf.

It includes the following:

  • a pre-golf instructional clinic with either Michael Scholz and/or Dave Usendorff (both PGA certified golf coaches)
  • on course fun with Dave Levinsohn
  • a collaborative golf trick shot show with Michael Scholz and Dave Levinsohn
  • a comedic golf quiz with Dave Levinsohn (10 minutes)
  • a Master of Ceremonies and "tag team" fun golf related discussion fun with all of us
  • if the event has a fundraising aspect to it, we assist with fundraising activities, auctioneering and fundraising FUN!!!  FUN=Fundraising!


3) The Spectacular History of Golf - with Dave Levinsohn

In our golfing environment we throw terms around, like 'divot', 'birdie' and 'freshie'. But when did these seemingly unrelated words becomes common golfing language?
Does GOLF really mean Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden? Or have we been fooled? And if I'm punching it on my backfoot at a mashie. Am I in a night club in Kempton or at the Augusta par three tournament?
If you think you know your golf history? We're about to turn it on its head.
Welcome to 'The Spectacular History of Golf'.
A comedic journey delving deeply into golfing folklore and trivia. With some practical tips and trick shots along the way.
What can go wrong when you are learning golf from a golf mad comedian and a cut missing pro?
Learn how to rule the teebox with random facts and not the perfect swing. This is the only tour you need to be on.
The service includes a joint and side-splitting prize-giving presentation with Dave Levinsohn & Michael Scholz providing a comedic style of acknowledging the day's best and worst on-course performances.


To view some of Dave's other strange antics, visit He is a certified nut!