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Michael Scholz in action with the Dimension Data Kids

Golf Orientation Clinics
Along with the services of 2 other professional golfers the golf orientation clinics are structured that each of the participants is well accommodated in terms of personal treatment and attention and receives one-on-one coaching and guidance throughout the day.

The golf orientation clinics are designed to introduce the basic fundamentals of the game to novices and beginners.

Throughout the sessions, the participants are not only exposed to the various aspects of the game, namely The Golf Swing, Chipping and Putting, but are also educated as to the basic ethics and principles of the game and its rules and traditions.

To accommodate this, the group will be split into 3 similar sized groups who will each learn rotate between the professionals who will facilitate each of the 3 aspects (as above).
Each aspect is broken into a 45 minute session with a 15 minute break being included to allow for toilet breaks, refreshments and Q & A sessions.

Each aspect can also culminate in a ‘competition’ format whereby all of the participants partake in a competition. Prizes can be arranged for those who excel in each/all aspect/s.

The following aspects are incorporated in the orientation clinics:

Golf Swing
All of the basics including the grip, stance, posture, alignment, weight transfer and balance are covered in this aspect of the clinic.
The golf swing is presented in a displayed and descriptive presentation before the participants advance to perform the presented material themselves.
This aspect is facilitated on a driving range/simulator and each participant receives personal instruction as well as participating in a group clinic which lends to collective group involvement.
With each participant having varying shortfalls and demands, we will attend to each person with a few minutes of basic instruction that will assist them with their swing going forward.

This aspect is facilitated at a chipping green area and contains the basics that will ensure that a participant leaves with the basics skills to chip confidently and understand the technical basics of this vital part of the game.
Once again, participants will be coached in a group, with each participant then receiving personal coaching based on their personal requirements and ability.

Putting is the most utilised aspect of the game and is the easiest aspect to be able to teach and understand.
With that, each participant will receive the basic essentials to develop an understanding regarding putting.

At the end of each aspect, a short competition can be staged to determine how the participants have performed. A simple points scoring mechanism can then determine winners in each aspect, as well as an overall winner or a number of prize-winners (depending on your requirement).














Michael Scholz - Instructional clinic with MTN at Steenberg