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SuperGolf let their hair down every now and then. With that, Michael Scholz, aka "The 40 Year-Old Rookie" throws them a curveball and stuns the golfing public with some "out of the box" antics "on the box" with some funny golf videos.



I am still wearing diapers when it comes to the some of the fruitloops out there.

David Feherty is the Godfather of the golf chuckle, with newby Ben Crane following in hot pursuit.

To see what makes them lunatics visit:

David Feherty Facebook Profile

Also see if you can get your hands on some of his literary works:
- Somewhere in Ireland a village is missing an idiot.
- The Power of Positive Idiocy.
- A Nasty Bit of Rough.




Ben Crane has the craziest videos!


I wanna be him!

Check it out!