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Michael Scholz - Golfing Experience
Having been in the golfing industry for well over 20 years (age give-away) having been involved in corporate golf event management, golf course advertising, golf development, player management, professional golf and as golf day entertainer, I have the connections and resources to be able to advise companies as to how to structure their golf related programs and initiatives.

With a marketing background, the benefits of entertaining clients and how best to lever the game of golf to best accomplish your objective.

Saving your Budget
Most service providers charge exhorbitant fees and mark-ups for their services based on the fact that they are usually basing their business on short-term or even once-off success.

As my offerings include a broad array of services, I can advise, structure and activate guaranteed savings and improve the manner in which your business utilises golf as a vehicle to entertain clients and have improved presence in the golfing industry.